Monday, June 3, 2019

Last night session at Catsuit Lounge

I usually like it on the more Sadistic side.. But last night was delightful taking an older white man who wanted to explore his fetish interests, I enjoy making him strip down to nothing and dressed with cuffs and collar. A bare hand spanking, nipple torture, light bondage, and cbt. When he started to get thirsty, I helped his thirst with a long stream of spit dripping from My ruby-colored lips. It was a fun
hour in My catsuit, leather over knee-high boots and corset. I loved making his head swirl with brainwashing melodies of My voice. Almost forgot how to get to his car, lol. 

Hope to play again soon.

*If you want your opportunity to have an experience with Me, email Me or check out My eros Ad. for a list of some of My interests.

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