Sunday, February 4, 2018

Naughty places I will be in Feb. 2018

Feb. 11th and Feb. 28th are 2 nights I will be Co-Hosting 2 fun nights in Los Angeles Ca.
I will be scening live these nights for My enjoyment and for your viewing enjoyment.
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 Feb. 11th. at The Union nightclub in Los Angeles, Ca.

Feb 28th. at the Beautiful El Cid in Silverlake, Ca.

My Twitter: @MzDeSadeFatale

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Club Kink Alt life at The EL CID , Silverlake Ca.

I will be your Femdom Fetish Hostess with Wry at club Kink tonight ! Come out and dance , play or just hang in the dark and people watch . This beautiful venue is one of My favs.
Come dressed fetish , Nitelife , bdsm scene comfortable or high Fetish.  There will be play and more.

EL CID // 4212 Sunset blvd. Silverlake Ca.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Holiday Session Discounts from this Sadist to My piggies !

During this time of year all the little pay pigs, finslave's, subs and slaves of all kind wonder. " How can I please the Madam of My choice"? Well, I can answer that question.

I am Sadistic, verbally stern but very fair ...
So I am discounting for the Holidays. Dec.9th Thru Jan 9th. to cover Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Years. All live sessions, phone sessions, KiK, NifFlirt, text, weekly assignments & Live Cash point meets in Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley,  LAX (area for those who are visiting on business). If you are in San Fernando Valley you get an additional 10% discount. My playspace is nearby and if in enough notice I can set up arrangements for a live meet n greet or session.

If you want a more casual meet & greet. Cash Point Meets might be best for you ..
I also enjoy meeting for coffee w/ a side of public, discreet humiliation. I am a platinum tongue wolf and can talk you down to tears or to cum in mins. I hope you are wearing comfortable pants, do not want you having an " oh no-ner " in public". haha haha, fuckers ....  

Anyhow want to be on My good pig list? Gift Me something on My Amazon gift list. If it is panties gift Me 2 pairs and I will send one back to you. Panties, the gift that keeps on giving ... for all My panty sniffing sluts who wants more ... 

Okay, I do not want to be all talk and no play ... 

So start gifting Now!
 I have a link to My lists under My pics ... Make it a game .. Pick your fav pic of Me and that is the list you buy from. I will know what pic makes you want more of this Ebony Goddess...

My email for a session or live meets:

Twitter & KIK

My Nite Flirt Domina Line: 
Call Button

NF Text & More :

Monday, October 30, 2017

Sadist Rubber & The Pain Dept @ Klub Terminal Nov. 11th

Sadist Rubber & The Pain Dept. Live @ Klub Terminal

November 11th. @ The Stardust Club in Downey , Ca
My Fetish troupe & C/comrades of the kink arts, will 
have a live show at Klub Terminal .

I am planning to be dressed to impress and seeking a temple girl and or boy for the night. If you want to be demo My bottom this night email Me at : for consideration.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sessions at Catsuit Lounge

Fetish & Domination Sessions
I am back from NOLA and want to get back to training all the sluts, sissies, pets, slaves and subs.

All Fetish & Domination training , sessions negotiable via email as well as booking.

My schedule is Monday - Friday all sessions after 5pm. Saturday- Sunday by appointment from 11am - Overnight *by adv. Appt.*

Friday, September 22, 2017

Strict , Exotic , Kinky Ebony Supreme ...

Strict, Exotic, Kinky mixed culture Madam of Ebony Feminine Supremacy, Madam Mina De Sade

I am a kinky , fetishist and Ebony lifestyle / professional Molder of minds and bodies... I love shoes , nylons , jewelry and having a reason to have a photo shoot. If you gift Me something sexy to wear or anything I am down to shoot a few and send them to you... 
I also do shout out to all My favorite piggies and gifting subbies.

My Blogs and Places to find Me

I am a beautiful Ebony and French mixed Goddess who loves to exploiting and uses and playing with men's minds .. Your mind is My play space and I have the keys to all the rooms ... Wanna spoil Me? I am worth it and want you to work hard to Worship Me.



List of My Demands Click Here My pet.

I am a Ebony Supremacist, Latex & Leather Fetish Mistress and Lifestyle Disciplinarian. I have long hair , European & black mixed Femme Domme w/shapely, waist reduction trained curves. I weigh 140, athletic & muscular to slide nicely into My latex or leather skin perfectly!.. My measurements before cinching till tightly laced are: 34F-24-40, a womanly size 9 1/2 shoe for this Rubber Queen .. Black Latex, Leather boots, Uniforms & corsets are My favorite. But anything Heavy Rubber or Leather is a passion & Fetish of Mine... Mmmmmmm The smell and feel of Leather & Latex! you want to submit to this shiny Madam of sensual pain & pleasure ? I enjoy Dominating , controlling and mentally molding: sissies , subs/slaves & pets of all kinds . I culture Fetishist of all levels (Rubber, Leather, Boot & body worshipers). Financial control, service , protocol , regimen & naked slavery is what pleases Me! Call! And I will mold your mind & body in My Leather or Latex hold. I have all the toys to make you submit...

Madam Mina De Sade-Fatale

I enjoy psychological manipulation . Submissive property of all kinds . Those who are loyal and entertain Me regularly, get their well deserves. Fantasies of orifice training(oral and anal) & humiliation... Hypnosis , Physical transformation and some slut training is always a need. I have no problems getting your worthless, vanilla, minds to submit to My ways.. 

Training sissies , cockholds and bbc sluts who needs to be used... Is a hobby and lifestyle desire of Mines over 10yrs and counting. I possess all the needed for you to worship Me. Smothering you in My latex or Leather hold .. Controlling your air , body , tease & deny your pleasures as it shall. .. Remember your cock is a toy to Me. Its purely a ornament to be used... Just to amuse Me when I desire to be entertained .. Your body, mind and cock Will be enslaved ,while you grovel naked for My entertainment and curiosities... Ready to worship This fetish Goddess ? Ready to be taken and used completely? ...

Get on your knees & start worshiping Me , become My piggie  floor mat!

Decorate My feet with Things off My gift lists!

Madam De Sade- Fatale Twitter Link

Madam De Sade Fatale Facebook Page

Mina De Sade Tumblr Page

Mina De Sade - Fatale :My Shoe & Boot Fetish Chronicles

Madam Mina De Sade-Fatale's Shoe and Boot Fetish Chronicles.

Hello Fetishist and Fans . I am starting a collection of pictures of Myself in Shoes , Nylons and Lingerie.
I am a fun loving , wee bit Sadistic in all the right ways , Dominate  Female who has many fetishes.... Other than the obvious of Leather and Latex clothing ... I enjoy collecting , wearing , owning and destroying men and woman a like in Heels and Boots.... I have a huge amazon list of shoes and I usually trade photos in exchange for heels , boots , Lingerie , Latex , Leather or and fetish foot wear of all kinds... Nylons , stockings , flats , tennis shoes and all that can fit comfortably on My feet .... is My email if you want to find My list of things I desire on My feet....

 I can shoot for your fetish enjoyment
Click below for My list

My Amazon Shoe Fetish Gift List

I enjoy smashing , crushing , play gently  with My size 10 feet. Softly with the tips of My toes I can grab and pick up thing with My long pretty toes. Trampling , Foot, Heel , Boot and leg Worship are some of My interests . The feel of silk stockings and the smell of My leather boots around your neck as I Smoother you with My garter belt thighs... Want to talk about it? Want to see more? I am always down to brainwash a man into decorating My feet ...

There has to be something that I can wear to tease and deny you of your inner most desires... Or maybe if you are a good boy and gift me something? I can just show My appreciation .. I also accept tributes of all denominations and always eager to show appreciation via a chat , text, call or pictures.

There is never enough SHOES AND OR HEELS!!!! I WANT THEM ALL
Don't you want to see new pictures of Me in them? I know you do... And I enjoy discussing and walking around in My back patio in My heels and the sound of My heels clicking along the floor causing chills all over your body... I know you want to know more...

I also sell My used heels , boots and stockings to those who want to be a bit closer to this fetishist of all that decorates My sexy legs and feet...
Let's find a way to make your lusts for a Strong woman in heels and boots come true.