Sunday, July 5, 2020

Phone, Text, and limited Live Sessions in Southern California

Hello loves it's been crazy with the COVID and the economy. I am only seeing selected clientele. I am offering more cam, text, and phone to those who can not visit, Los Angeles Ca.  or Las Vegas Nevada.

Check out My Eros Ad for details and more:
Mina De Sade Fatale Booking Ad

Monday, June 3, 2019

Last night session at Catsuit Lounge

I usually like it on the more Sadistic side.. But last night was delightful taking an older white man who wanted to explore his fetish interests, I enjoy making him strip down to nothing and dressed with cuffs and collar. A bare hand spanking, nipple torture, light bondage, and cbt. When he started to get thirsty, I helped his thirst with a long stream of spit dripping from My ruby-colored lips. It was a fun
hour in My catsuit, leather over knee-high boots and corset. I loved making his head swirl with brainwashing melodies of My voice. Almost forgot how to get to his car, lol. 

Hope to play again soon.

*If you want your opportunity to have an experience with Me, email Me or check out My eros Ad. for a list of some of My interests.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spring & Summer Training Tour 2019

Spring & Summer Training Abroad 2019

So far 2019 has been busy with sessions in Los Angeles Ca.
But I need to get away and spread My kink and training abroad.
I am accepting applications in the following locations in the Month of April, May & June.
I will be visiting Las Vegas, Santa Clara, Chicago, and Palm Springs.

#kiksessions: MzDeSadeFatale

April 18th-21st Las Vegas NV.
April 26th-28th Santa Clara CA.
May 2nd-5th Chicago IL.
June 28th-30th Palm Springs CA.

Cash point meets, Dinner & Shopping, Public exploitation, Private Meet and Greets, Fetish & D/s Training of multiple interests available.
Click the link below, fill out and be prepared to send your deposit once your appointment is made.

Fetish Training application

Saturday, January 19, 2019

You can tip, request custom clips & audio recordings via i want clips .com

Want to send your tribute, devotional or request for custom audio stories and video clips? Well its possible through " . Send a request and tip your favorite Ebony Domme. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Daily chat , panties & chastity checks plus more !

Summer almost over but the fun does not ever end. I am collecting pets for My stable. Applications are available and those who pay attention, gift regularly and willing to be a molded pet will get consideration and communications. I also offer keyholding, daily panty, and chastity checks. Starting at $50 a week. Do you want to chat all day with pics & assignments? I am available via Kik.

CashApp, Circle pay or Amazon

$20 for 5hrs of chat

Scan my , My username is 'MzDesadeFatale'


Friday, July 27, 2018

You need to be Black owned , Now time to OBEH !

Its been a hot summer and not everyone able to come to Southern California for play and get trained By Me. 

So I have come up with chat, video, text sessions, training and chat for those who need a strong Black ruler to push them along their day. 
Weekday, weekends, bi-weekly and monthly assignments, chat, assignments and video encouragement are available. 
Currently, I have kik,  Niteflirt, what app, google chat, Twitter DM or Discord.
 Follow directions and fill out an application. Live sessions in Southern California are available in Los Angeles County. 
for booking live or online arrangments. Click the link below, fill out & follow directions..

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

You need More Madam De Sade-Fatale

I enjoy training, playing and expanding others fetish interests. Summer is around the corner and I will be taking some time to book kik, skype, in-person cash meets & training. All donations, gifts, tributes, and deposits of loyalty are available through Venmo, Circle pay and directly via email address. As a reasonable lifestyle, professional and lifestyle modifier.

I am always interested in those who are eager to please Me in every way. I am pretty simple Ma'am for starters, I only give attention to those who follow directions & who are fast and dedicated to making Me happy. If interested in exploring more, email for inquiries, interests, and availabilities.

Email Me for custom vids, instructionals, skype and kik sessions for those abroad and My lingerie drawer sells. I am currently selling used panties, socks, stockings, shoes, and bras for all My kinky fans who want a piece of their goddess for their own. 

You can send tributes via venmo, circle pay, Amazon gift cards or check out My lists on Amazon using My email address.

Let's play more often,  I am here to mold those who need a stern yet loving hand ...