DomCon NOLA 2017 Oct 5th. - Oct. 8th.

Just in case you have not been reading My Tweets lately. I am attending DomCon New Orleans 2017.
The event will be Oct. 5th. - 8th. at the Astro Crowne Plaza Hotel in the beautiful French Quarter.
This will be My 38th birthday and I will be educating 4 workshops and taking appointments for Live Cash Meets and sessions. If you are interested in meeting for a session, email Me at . I am only taking booked meets only no same-day arrangements available. 

If you are interested in some of the topics I am covering at DomCon New Orleans. Here are the subjects I will be covering :

Friday October 6, 2017

11:30 am – 12:30 pm – Bienville

Basics of building a D/s Household and keeping it strong presented by Mina de Sade-Fatale
May you be Dominate, A switch, slave minded or submissive, there will be a time when one seeks for a long-term dynamic. May it be negotiating play partnerships or collaring, there are needed steps to build the relationship. This presentation will help set up the needed platforms in finding, negotiating and developing a sub / Domme relationship. We will go over knowing when the Dom or sub is right for one’s D/s needs, how to set up perimeters for interaction, rules and limits to define each one’s roles and their placement in a D/s dynamic, and how to develop a relationship that can last for years.

Saturday October 7, 2017

11:30 am – 12:30 pm – Iberville

The Fetish, Submission, Dominance, Care & Wear of Rubber and Latex presented by Mina de Sade-Fatale
Madame Mina De Sade International Rubber Model, Fetish Fashion Anarchist, Educator of the Latex, Rubber, PVC Fashion and Fetish. Madam De Sade Fatale is not just a Fetishist of the non-cloth but a stylist, designer and former educator for Syren Latex and also educates abroad and thru social networks on Latex Fashion, Psychology, Fetish History & CareShe Will share her secrets of grade structure, styles, ranging from fashion wares to heavy duty play wear. Psychology of the mind of the Rubber Fetishes and the difference from a Fashionista Fetishist and a Fetishist of the material in WHOLE! There will be some insight into the power of Latex & Rubber Fashion and the submission for those who cannot live without it! The class will also go over care, how to purchase and well-needed info for those who love the material of tight stretchy confinement!!!!

5:30 – 6:30 pm – Bienville

All About Corsets! with Mina de Sade-Fatale
There are lots of questions corset wearers ask themselves when they are thinking about acquiring a corset. How do I lace myself into a corset unassisted? Which corset is right for me? How do I size a corset for myself properly? Now you don’t have to be afraid of purchasing or even wearing a corset because all of your questions will be answered.  If you have a corset, bring it with you! You will learn how to care for it AND you will be able to purchase one at a discount from Laced Up Corsets!

Sunday October 8, 2017

1:30 – 2:30 pm – Bienville

The  Strength, Submission, Fashion & Fetish of Corsetry & Tight lacing with Mina de Sade-Fatale
An introduction to the art of tight lacing and the care and love of Corsetry. Madam Mina De Sade will go over styles, structures, comfort, How to care for your corsets, the power, and submission of Tight lacing.  She will touch subjects of the history and future of Corset training, bondage and the psychology of the power and wonder of body modification thru corsetry. We will discuss the magic of tight lacing, corset fashion and those who love it!

If you want to know more about DomCon New Orleans 2017 

 : Derrick Paul Mr Sanctuary 2014 Presents:
 I- Scream @ Sanctuary LAX STUDIOS.

August 23rd 2014, starting @8pm.

A Southern style Cigar and ice cream social with a bit of a beat and greet. We have a great and eclectic mix of Entertainers .  The Event will be Mc'ed by Myself Madam De Sade -Fatale along with Benzo Blackwell and Sir Nik !
It is going to be fantastic evening of scenes , cigars , souther style drinks and of course ice cream before the scream portion of the night .

$10 b4 10pm.
$20 after 10pm.
$5 RSVP 

Entertainers for I-scream 
DJ. Manuelito
Madam Mina De Sade w/ Luzia Lowe
Benzo Blackwell
Salvadore Santoro
Daphne Von Rey 
Miss C
+ Much More
Madame Mina De Sade @ Montreal Fetish week 2013 !

Madame Mina De Sade Fatale  Vac bed Interactive Sponsored By Stockroom / Syren 
 August 30th -  September 1st 2013
Check Me out on My nights of  Fetish Rubber play and Fashion . Here are the nights I will be shining and playing with all those wanting a Vac bed experience with Mina De Sade Fatale  (Rubber Mina) Sadist Rubber Nun .

Friday August 30th : KABARET KINK @ Le Cabaret
Saturday August 31st : LATEXTACY BALL @ Drugstore
Sunday Sept. 1st : NIGHT OF MASKS @ VIP Exclusive

Here is a link to the Festivities below . 
Montreal Fetish Week

Maison De Sade Fatale will be seen @ DOMCON LA. 2012

Workshops , scenes by Madame De Sade w/Switch Miss Claw & P/pup (zig-zag) aka Derrick Paul.
Will display & play for pay & For pure enjoyment & Expedition!!! contact the House Hold for sessions with U/us
(415) 366-6329 or email U/us Madame De Sade-Fatale @ or Miss Claw @ .

Past appearances, events  attending:

 TSR Network Show " Is it Normal " Hosted By Ms. Cynthia . Guest host: Madame De Sade ( November 13th @ 6:30pm 2011 ) 

Sanctuary LAX Studios Presents :  "Club Indulgence"  
Madame De Sade -Fatale will be performing 2 BDSM , Fetish & Burlesque shows . (December 30th. 2011)

Club Debauched : Madame Mina De Sade Hosts the Monthly Play & Dance Club Every 2nd Friday of the Month !! @ Sanctuary LAX Studios

2012 Rubber Ball New York / Miss World Rubber (New York City, NY.) -  March 2012

2012 Rubber Doll World Rendezvous (Bloomington, MN)  - June 2012

Montreal Fetish Weekend  -  September 2012

I am a Model of the fetish arts , and can be seen in the following publications:

DDI Domina Files vol. #20 (San Diego)

Heavy Rubber Magazine issue #25 w/ Surgeon Studios Photography 
Von Gutenberg Magazine issue #2 , #3 
Massad Magazine ( October 2010) for Montreal Fetish Weekend.

Previous perfomances and appearances:

LA DEAD (Disko Nekro , RUIN Hollywood, Malediction , Mode:M , Warlok ) , Montreal Fetish Weekend , Rubber Doll Revue , Ms. World Rubber , Von Gutenberg Fetish Weekend.